Coated Jeans

Target sweater, shirt, pants, bag. Urban Outfitters scarf and heels. J.Crew factory giraffe necklace

So #targetdoesitagain. Do you follow them on intagram? 
Well, yesterday I posted a Target outfit and today's the same thing. Some of the things are new and some I've had for a long time. I'm mostly obsessed with these coated jeans for $13. They might not come across like it in photos but in person they almost look like faux leather pants and that's what I love about coated jeans and that's what I love about Target having a VERY affordable pair. 

Happy Wednesday! 


  1. Love those coated jeans on you and that sweater! Great finds Sam :)


  2. I like your outfit! I seriously need you to come and style me/shop with me! I like the look of the long shirt underneath!

  3. Your so cute. Red looks really good on you!

  4. that red sweater looks fantastic on you. i love how bright and bold it is!


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