frosty out there

Look, I used my camera for something besides outfit photos! it felt good too. 
It's been so cold and foggy but still dry the last week in Salem. 
This frost has been lingering all week and I finally got out of the house to
snap some photos.
I just can't get over how the frost makes everything look like a winter wonderland but without the snow. Thanks for indulging my love of this frosty weather!


  1. Love these photos! I kist got a big girl camera for my birthday and have been taking a mess of photos (especially anything frosty, icy or frozen. :)


  2. Your pictures are beautiful. I wanted to capture some of the wonderful outdoors while I was on my runs but I didn't have anything with me - and when I went back to take the pictures afterward the fog had settled in. So gorgeous!

  3. Awesome job with your camera!! Pretty pics, love the depth of field you did on the close-ups!

  4. That spiderweb is to die for!


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