layering is sooo in

H&M Sweater, Lush tunic from Nordstrom, Banana Republic leggings, Target fringe booties, J.Crew necklace, Urban Outfitters sunglasses

ok. I'm wearing two pairs of leggings and then I piled on a scarf and wore my biggest jacket. 

I know I posted yesterday about this winter wonderland but today it's raining, so I'm over it.

Jeff and I have been researching honeymoon destinations and ALL I want is to be WARM. I started a workout program with the wedding in mind and then I realized our honeymoon will most likely be somewhere hot and I want to be bikini ready too! 
Not to mention being bikini ready for a warm destination bachelorette party {hopefully}. 
Seeing a theme? 
I want warmth, sandals, iced drinks, sun, some real color on my cheeks, and freckles.
happy wednesday.


  1. Ditto, ditto, ditto! You look great!

  2. ahhhh, warmth. and sunshine! I want, at least for the sake of my blindingly pale white legs:-) xoxo

  3. I have the same necklace!! Didn't know it was Jcrew till I got it lol. And YAY to honeymoon planning!!!!

  4. Two pairs of leggings. For some reason this never occurred to me before. Great idea.

  5. So super cute! I love that sweater!!!

  6. I love that outfit, the sweater is great!


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