Oven & Shaker

Jeff and I literally take any excuse to go to Portland. Last weekend we went up there to try on wedding bands {!!} and then had dinner at Oven & Shaker in The Pearl District. We ordered the kale salad, la fettunta {garlic and parmesan toast}, and the salami pizza with provolone piccante, tomatoes, mozzerella and wildflower honey. And I got a sprite. I know the 'shaker' part of the restaurant suggests I should try and drink, and someday I will. Everything was so good. Jeff and I always order kale salad at any restaurant if it's on the menu, and this one did not disappoint. It had grapefruit and it was so good! the toast was also delicious and super garlicky, in a good way. I love this pizza because it's spicy and the wildflower honey adds a nice sweetness. Next time I'll try a fun drink and maybe dessert.

What are your favorite spots in Portland? 


  1. you know, we live here and still don't venture out much. There are so many places on my "we really should go there someday" list...
    but, alas,
    there the list sits.
    It may have something to do with having a three year old and being about ready to pop though:)

  2. Hey do you know a good place to have dinner and or drinks in Portland for a Bachelorette party?


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