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So remember in September when I wrote about craving routine and hating transition times and how I was feeling etc. Well I've been making some lifestyle changes and all of a sudden I'm creating my own routine and it feels good but I'm also creating routine by adding things into my day like daily workouts, wedding planning, and more blogging {oh yeah and more hours at work, yay!}. I was craving routine and change so badly which was weird because I was also complaining about transitioning. Jeff and I are still in somewhat of a transition since we aren't in our own place yet, and might not be for a bit since we want to continue to save money. But we forced ourselves into a routine {I've always been one to make up rules and boundaries for myself, even when I was young} and I've started my own things and we are continuing to figure out what works for us as a couple and as individuals.

Things I am doing different:
+working out. I joined a group at the YMCA and I've been doing weights m/w/f and running t/t
+changed my attitude about working out, enjoying it more instead of hating it
+no sugary drinks during the week, only 1, maybe 2 on the weekend
+eating more vegetables, trying to make more healthy smoothies
+eating at home more often
+washing my face every day and moisturizing twice a day {I swear it's helping my wintry dry skin}
+weekly date nights with Jeff
+cleaning out my closet
+adding in more social media for my blog and applying for more opportunities

But now I'm tired. Change is hard work! Don't get me wrong, I am really enjoying all of these changes and I can already feel they are a positive in my life. {And I know a lot of people already do all of these things in their regular routine, I'm just talking about physical changes!} But for me, a lot of those things are adding, not just changing. My day is more full and I am sleeping better since I am more active, but I'm also getting up much earlier to make sure I can get most of these things done. I'm learning to streamline some things and trying to still balance in some fun enjoyable things. I feel good and I am making these changes so I can prove to myself that I can do it. I've spent a fair amount of time wishing I was different in some ways and now is my time to actually make some changes. Also, I wanted to start making some changes and then talk about them as opposed to sharing all of my goals and then feeling like I failed if I wasn't doing well. So even though I'm tired and getting used to finding a new balance, it's what's best for me and I'm doing it because I want to.


  1. You will have to come run with Bee and I on Tuesdays!! Staying busy always seems to help me sleep better too! Soon it will all become routine!

    1. I wish I could!! I'm in Salem now though :/

  2. Way to go, girl! Starting my wedding diet tomorrow...and choosing to be excited about it too!

    1. thank you! and good luck, you're rockin anyway, but you'll love feeling your best on your wedding day!

  3. You're a rockstar!
    Remember what dad says:
    "There is no such thing as failure, merely a victory of learning."

    also.......You should give me all your clothes that you're cleaning out.

    1. I didn't know he said that.. but sounds like him :) All my stuff is boxed up and I'm sure you want none of it! You can look though! love you.

  4. Of course you are tired! Changing to a new lifestyle/ schedule is a mega adjustment. Before you know it you will get used to it and it will be second nature. Then if you stop, you will feel bored without all the activity! Haha

    I do not know this from personal experience, but is sounds good!

  5. Just came across your blog from instagram. Good for you! My new years routine was to start working out more and I havent gotten into it yet , I used to be a huge athlete but cant seem to get myself into really going to the gym routinely. Thanks for the inspiration!
    your newest follower :)


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