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Once upon a time {a few years ago} I lived in Portland, Liz lived in Salem, and Abby lived in Seattle. Now Liz just moved to Seattle, Abby is living in Portland, and I am living in Salem. 
Why we can't all live in the same city at the same time is beyond me. 

Anyway, I visited Liz two weekends ago in Seattle. It was such beautiful weather {freezing but dry and sunny} and so fun to catch up in her new city. We explored downtown a bit, looked around the Nordstrom Wedding suite but didn't try anything on, ate good food, did some wedding planning, saw our good friend Jaime, ate a lot of heart gummies, and borrowed each other's clothes. 

So this was the first of many more trips to Seattle. 

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  1. Although Portland has my heart... Seattle has become my home over the past year and a half. It definitely grows on you each and every day. Hopefully Liz will learn to love it just as much... and you can visit often!

    Dani // andbubblegum.com


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