What I Wore: Portland Blogger Meet Up

my lovely friend/bridesmaid/engaged/co-worker, Meg, did my make up this day and 
I love it! 
Target skirt/belt, sweater, scarf, Banana Republic leggings

I wore this to Saturday's Portland Blogger Meet Up and it was so comfy! 
I actually switched out the booties for a flat boot which was great because it was standing room only at the coffee shop! It's so fun to see these events grow each time. 
It was great to talk about goals and expectations, and get motivated again. 

Thanks for everyone's sweet and kind comments yesterday about the changes I'm making around here! Love you all. Seriously, you're the best.

Also, I'm sure you noticed that almost everything I'm wearing is Target and it's because they have some serious clearance happening right now! Get there right now. 


  1. Love target - and I love your outfit! I'm also super jealous that you can rock that lipstick!

  2. Your lipstick & eye makeup is gorgeous- she did a great job! I'm still super jealous you found that scarf on clearance...I've been stalking Target for months it seems for that beauty with no such luck.


  3. Meg did a great job, you look beautiful! But, you're beautiful regardless! Love the outfit, hopefully we can get together soon and I can hear about the meetup!

  4. Girl your blog is so amazing, I totally felt in love wirh it.. What do you think about following each other? Let me know <3


  5. So beautiful! I love the scarf sooooo much!

  6. First thing noticed... your scarf... LOVE it. Then I saw your boots, red lipstick, top knot... and loved all that, too. Let's just say, you are perfection, Sam!

  7. darling as ever. love the thick scarf.
    I'm so bumped I missed it. I cant wait for the valentines party. Will you be coming?


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