It's almost Valentine's Day!

Old Navy mint sweater, Francesca's pleated skirt, Steve Madden Poized heels, 
Nordstrom Rack necklace. 

It's almost Valentine's Day!
I've been so in love with the mint/red combo for Valentine's Day this year that I had to wear it to a fabulous party on Saturday. I also used it for a bunch of my Valentine's. 
I'll be sharing more photos from the lovely girls night valentine's day party soon.
How are you celebrating this lovely holiday? 
Exclusively on Thursday or all week/month long? 
You know how I feel. 


  1. That 4th picture of you is so great! Love the combo... I never would have though of mint and red.

  2. That skirt was MADE for Valentine's Day! Gorgeous Sam!


  3. Gorgeous! What are you and Jeff doing? I think I'm heading up to Portland for the day with Eric, and then we're going out for a romantic dinner (and dessert of course!)


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