It's that sun again

Banana Republic factory shirt, J.Crew factory jeans, Target jacket, belt and fringe booties, Urban Outfitters sunnies

Sometimes the sun just makes everything better. 
It's been around on and off since Thursday and it's amazing! 
Jeff and I have been trying to do a lot of wedding planning and so my blog has been lowest on my priority list lately. 
But good news because our planning is paying off! 
I found my dress this weekend and we are close to choosing a caterer and we're moving right along!


  1. LOVE this outfit! I love pairing super feminine things, with something like a leather jacket. Great contrast! And yay for wedding planning!

  2. So exciting that you found a dress! :) And I love this outfit - and that ring!! Where is the circle ring from??

    1. Thank you! My circle ring is from Silverado in Bend, Oregon. I bought it at least 7 or 8 years ago though. My best friend has the same one, it's our bff ring :)

  3. I have been enjoying the sun too!! It is rare that we see it...soak it up when we can right?

  4. I just realized that my last post linked to something I don't use. oops :)

  5. I am dreading the day, which I know is coming soon, that the sun will go back to hiding! Love the jacket!


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