my love for lavender

Old Navy sweater/pants, Banana Republic factory shirt, Target jacket, Gap hat, 
Nordstrom Rack necklace, Steve Madden Poized heels

Happy Monday!
I had a wonderful weekend, two of my best friends visited and we did a lot of best friend things. Like eating at our favorite restaurants, going to Target, making Valentine's cards all evening, eating more, going on walks, doing some wedding crafts. 
It's nice to have people that you can just hang out with and whatever you choose to do, 
it's the best time ever. 
{especially when it's making returns, staying in, eating cheese, getting the car washed, and changing into pajamas immediately after dinner}
I'll share more photos tomorrow. 
hope your weekend was awesome and for all you athletically minded people out there, I hope you had a great Super Bowl Sunday! 


  1. Where do you take All your pictures? It's super pretty

    1. I take them in my parent's driveway or on the road to their house! They live just outside the city :)


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