never tired of this sun

Target clutch and fringe booties, Gap stripe shirt, J.Crew factory jeans, 
H&M belt, Urban Outfitters sunnies, Forever 21 necklace

So I'm going to be honest. I haven't opened my computer since last Tuesday {I'm writing this on Monday evening}. This last week at work was busy and Saturday was our big event that I've been helping coordinate. Saturday was such a long day and I was exhausted but I had such a great time. The event went so well and I was reminded why I love working on events {behind the scenes}. Also, I got to dress for the 1970's, wear an afro wig, and see so many other people dressed up in amazing outfits! On top of that, we're house/catsitting. So I've been busy! But that's how I prefer it. 

The sun literally came out while we were taking these photos. It was awesome. I'm laughing so much in that photo because I had almost fallen over right before that. Balance is hard.


  1. It's a rare occasion you get some shots in the sun these days in good ole' Oregon. I swear every time I see the sun it's "Let's take photos for the blog!" haha


  2. I need me some stripes! Love the casual cute look!


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