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photo thanks to a camp friend, Sarah
by September, sadly the field will not be that glorious green. 

Since I don't have any outfit photos to share today, I figured I'd share a little about our wedding! We're getting married at the summer camp where we met. We both attended as campers {as far as we know, we never met then}, I started working there when I was 20, he started working there when he was 16. We worked together for two summers before realizing we wanted to date each other. We've both worked two full summers out of the last three and volunteered when we couldn't be there the full summer.  This summer Jeff will be the camp director! I'll be working full time and finishing planning the wedding. It'll be different not to be at camp together for the summer but it will also be good as Jeff transitions into his new role. Camp means so much to both of us for so many reasons and the field will be such a perfect place to have a big party! 

Having it at camp will be so amazing and it's been in our plan since way before we were even engaged.  It's such a beautiful and meaningful place to us. Planning a wedding at camp is great but since it's not a standard wedding venue, it comes with some special attention needed. We basically have to bring everything in, parking will be interesting, and it's a long windy road up there. But we get to make it all our own and commit to each other in the very place where we had our first kiss, fell in love, been tested, have hilarious memories, cried {ok, probably just me}, go without showers for a week, call each other Pancakes {me} and Milk Dud {Jeff}, and found ourselves many times before finding each other. It's our favorite place in the world and this summer it will mean so much to share it with our families and friends. 

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  1. Beautiful! I nearly started crying. I'm so excited to see how your party plays out!


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