blue jeans

Got myself some sale and a birthday coupon jeans this weekend. Also pictured, the awesome and practical birthday gift from my sister, white converse. I'm feeling pretty good about the big discounts I got on these jeans. They were on sale and then I used my Anthropologie coupon to get another discount. I love wearing casual jeans and tennis shoes but still feeling put together. On another note; I was going to say I literally don't remember the last time I bought designer jeans but that is a total lie. The last time was in high school. I bought tons of them back then. I had to have them. and now, I have an entire box of designer jeans that don't fit me anymore and I don't even want to add up how much all of those cost me back then. I guess I hold onto them because they were so expensive and maybe one day I'll be able to wear at least one of those pairs of jeans again. A girl can dream right? Does anyone else feel attached to clothes like this?


  1. I saved a lot of the designer jeans that I bought in college for a while. Then I realized that they didn't fit me well anymore and got rid of them. You could try to sell them at Plato's closet or Buffalo exchange and get some cash for them - or exchange! Citizens were always my favorite - and I kept one pair of them that I loved!

  2. Oh gosh, this is exactly how I feel about almost anything expensive I've bought. Even if I don't like it anymore, I cannot get rid of it. I'm definitely trying to more practical about the things I buy now. Investing mainly in solid colored clothing so I don't get bored with the design, and only buying something if I know I'll regret leaving the store without it!


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