cheers, saturday

cheers to the weekend. 
it's spring break for a lot of people and my parents are off to San Fran to visit my sister, brother, and sister-in-law, and I'm envious. I'm going to use this week to de-clutter and keep getting after that wedding to-do list. Maybe I'll share some of my wedding planning process, possibly a weekly feature. Anyone interested in reading about that? 

ps. that's sparkling water and lime. that's me trying to drink less sugar, yum!


  1. Love weekend posts from you! I vote fore a weekly feature of wedding planning!

  2. Sparkling water and lime is my favorite! I would love to read about your wedding plans!

  3. I would love to read about your wedding planning process. It seems like a daunting task!

  4. Wish you were coming!!! But I love you and that photo is so fetch.

  5. I would like to read and live vicariously through you... After all, you can even make water and lime look so fresh and chic, what more can you make sparkling?


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