Target belt and jacket, Gap denim trousers, vintage Mickey Mouse sweatshirt, 
Forever 21 necklace, Urban Outfitters aviator sunglasses

I've had this sweatshirt for years and it's perfect for this casual sweatshirt trend thats been around the last few months. Speaking of Mickey Mouse, I have the cutest story about Jeff. When he was little, he was a big fan of Mickey and when his family decided to go to Disneyland he insisted on wearing a suit to meet Mickey Mouse. 
Can you just imagine young Jeff wearing a suit to Disneyland? 
I can't handle how cute that must have been!
There is no shot I could get him to wear a suit to Disneyland again, not that I would want to, I just love imagining it. 
Anyone else have any good Disney stories? I'd love to hear them!

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  1. ok, that is seriously the cutest story! AND you are the cutest human! xoxo

  2. So cute! I've been 3 times with my 3 younger siblings when I was younger! Always soo fun.
    Love your quirky look.



  3. Love it! We're constantly outfit twins! (You'll see on Wednesdays post)

  4. I adore this look, almost as much as I adore that your husband wore a suit to meet Mickey Mouse. Too cute for words.


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