moves like jagger

Forever 21 blazer, Banana Republic shirt, Target coated jeans, fringe booties and tassel clutch, 
vintage watch, J.Crew factory giraffe necklace

Happy Friday! 
I'm excited to have another quiet weekend. I need to appreciate these weekends without plans because in a few weeks spring will start to pick up and then I won't come up for air until after our wedding! 
On another note, let's talk about the spring trend "Black & White". Does anyone else feel like this is an odd trend? I feel like it's a classic and always in style, therefore it's hard to be a trend if it's always looking good. But here I am wearing black and white. Also, please note that this outfit was dubbed "Moves Like Jagger" by my co-worker. Definitely not because I have the moves, I think it's the pants. 

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