Portland Blogger Style

This weekend I was one of four stylists for a Portland Blogger 'Strike a Pose' Style Event. 
It was fabulous! 
There were 6 photographers, 4 stylists, and about 30 women. Each woman got about 15 minutes with their photographer and stylist to take photos. Once the photos are available, each person can use them however they like, most women were looking for beautiful professional photos for their blog banner/about me/social media profile photos. 
I worked with Alex of Alex Lianopoulos Photography who I have known forever and she was featured in this post
Linnea Paulina took photos of me and I'll be sure to share those and more from the event soon! 
Linnea and I collaborated once before as well and those photos can be seen here

Thanks to//
 Jillian Rabe for use of The Space as a fabulous venue
Elephants Delicatessan for yummy treats to keep our blood sugar up
Chloe + Isabel for providing beautiful jewelry
Glass Cast for providing beautiful jewelry

Thanks to the lovely ladies who worked so hard to make this a great event, everything was perfect and ran so smoothly!


  1. Lovely recap. I had so much fun photographing 5 talented ladies. Sorry I did not get the chance to chat with you at the event, next time.

  2. Yay! I can't believe I put you with a photog you had before. :: slaps forehead:: But, I'm glad that you had a blast! I loved seeing you as always. You were gorgeous and did a great job!


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