Forever 21 white blazer and necklace, J.Crew factory jeans, Urban Outfitters flats, 
Target tassel clutch, Montana shirt from boutique in Montana

 There's some profanity in my shirt, it's discreet but sorry if it offends!
 Thanks Justine for taking these photos.

I've had this shirt for years, ever since I visited one of my college roommates in her home state, Montana. I don't wear this shirt very often, but people hardly ever notice that it has a bad word on it. It's my small way of rebelling. I walk around all day with a bad word on my shirt and no one even notices. I hope everyone had a good weekend! For once Jeff and I didn't have much planned, but that meant we got to see some friends, run some errands, and enjoy the time off. 


  1. Love the white blazer! That necklace rocks too!

  2. I'm glad you like them! Loving that lens, possibly getting my own soon ;]

  3. super cute outfit. loving the necklace! :)


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