Wedding Talk: Save The Date

A few of you said you'd be interested in hearing about our wedding planning process, so I'm going to try and have a weekly feature without giving away too much about the big day.

I'll start with Save The Dates! This is where we started our process after deciding on our venue and engagement shoot. I am a big fan of easy Save The Dates so we decided on a postcard. I thought about designing it myself {ok, asking a friend to design it} but after searching through a few website, decided just to order a pre-made design. We ordered from Minted and it was an easy and quick process. I love our save the date cards because they are a heavier weight, simple, and classic.

Now let's talk about postage. I was deeply saddened when I went to the post office to buy postcard stamps and the only postcard stamps in existence have a hawaiian shirt on them and say "Aloha". I obviously chose to buy them and send our cards but why are those the only ones? I may go the route of vintage stamps for our invites but that's for a different day. Another thing is hand-canceling. Hand-canceling is when you pay extra {and get another lovely weird stamp} and the post office uses a rubber stamp instead of that white barcode on the bottom of the mail. We didn't use hand-canceling, that white sticker with an orange barcode is on every single one of our save the date cards, but I noticed it comes off really easily. So whenever I'm at someone's house and I see our save the date, I usually just peel it off. I know, that's a little excessive but that's me! One of my good friends {and a bridesmaid/co-worker} got hand-cancelled save the dates and on some of her cards some of the ink from the stamp rubbed off on the card next it it. So it seems, either way if you use a postcard type save the date, there will either be ink from hand-cancel stamps or a white barcode. I realize this might be really boring to some people, so forgive me but these are actual things I thought about and researched. Also, I realized nobody cared about the Hawaiian stamps or the barcode, so there's that. And like anything with weddings, it's all personal preference!

photo on save the date card by Erich McVey Photography


  1. We almost got married at Silver Falls! But since we wanted to do a winter wedding the indoor area was too small to fit everyone for the ceremony and the reception! Such a beautiful place!

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  3. Lovin that gel pen

  4. Our envelopes can take just as long as our save the dates if we are not prepared. We should take the wedding etiquette guidelines before posting the cards save the wedding date


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