black, white, and gold bridal shower part 2


All photos by Justine

I feel like these photos speak for themselves. They say I have amazing, talented and loving best friends who truly made this bridal shower a labor of love. The food was fantastic, and I love every detail. The black and white photos of me and Jeff, balloons, the handmade garland {made by Liz!}, the gold touches, Nutella, mini quiches, all so well thought out. It went so fast and I was left wishing I could do it all over again immediately! Thank you doesn't even cover it, but thank you so much everyone. 

ps. my blog formatting is driving me crazy, help me! my photos are centered in the post but after being published they are all pushed to the left. sos. 


  1. Beautiful! Those mason jars with the gold turned out amazing, just love them.


  2. Who cares if photos are centered or aligned left, every photo composition, every detail of the food and decorations, every photogenic friend, are just GORGEOUS!

  3. oh so so gorgeous! what a fantastic celebration!

    P.S. With the photo situation...is it your blog layout pushing them to the side? You could try tweaking your sidebar widths, maybe? I'm really like the 8th person, or really, the last person who should be giving you html advice though:-)

  4. 1. You are an absolute babe.
    2. Justine's photos are out-of-this-world good!! So perfect.

  5. These photos made me smile a lot. You're gorgeous, and you have really sweet friends (with good taste!)

  6. Hi :) What kind of spray paint did you use for the masons? Im assuming Rustoleum?


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