Portland CRAVE: In a Relationship With My Blog

new shirt and bracelet from Nordstrom BP

I'm really excited and honored {and a little nervous} to be a speaker at a Portland CRAVE event: In a Relationship With My Blog. {Thursday April 4th, 7:00pm} I'm excited to share what I've learned in this process of starting a blog, I don't think I'm an expert but I do love sharing what I think can be helpful to others. It'll be at Mac! Mac & Cheesery so you know I'll be trying something delicious. Blogger friends, Jenni and Suzannah will be speaking as well, so that helps easy some of my nerves. Friendly faces!


  1. I bought that bracelet too ;]

  2. That's so exciting, Sam! Good for you! :-)

  3. So pretty! I'm excited to be speaking with you!


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