Do you ever have those days or weeks when no matter what is happening, making any sort of decision is so difficult? No matter how much perspective or rational you try to make yourself have, it's just not a good time. Sunday was a tough day for me, just a lot going on, hard to make little decisions and hard to have those decisions hanging in the balance, it's a cycle. Not to mention a bunch of other things I'm thinking/worrying about. Not a good mix for a nervous nelly like myself. So Sunday was tough. But Sunday was also a great day because I caught up with a great girlfriend in the morning over coffee and crepes and Jeff and I had a very sweet date. I'd been obsessively talking about finding peonies since their season just started so Jeff decided we should go to Brooks, Oregon and visit the peony farms.  It was so wonderful, these flowers make me so happy. We picked some up at Adelman Peony Gardensand even got a peony plant! I'm so excited at the idea of having my own peonies in a year, and since it was Jeff's idea to get the plant, I know he was glad to see me excited about the flowers. We went to the second peony farm which had more beautiful rows of peonies but it also had this low rumble of bees buzzing {Jeff's super epi-pen allergic} so we snapped a pic and got out of there pretty quick. I've also heard Trader Joe's has peonies right now! I seriously feel like I can never have enough fresh flowers, and especially 
never enough peonies. 


  1. I've always wanted to make a trip out to the peony gardens! I've been searching for peonies in the grocery stores, but haven't seen any yet - I'm hoping any day now!! I have 4 peony plants in our yard & they haven't started to bloom yet either. I'm getting impatient for peonies!

  2. The house that we just bought surprised me with blooming peonies! I have a couple on our kitchen window sill! Such beautiful flowers!

  3. These photos are beautiful and you look stunning! Chin up darlin, and let's get together next time you're in Portland!!!! <3

  4. That's so sweet that Jeff go you a Peony plant!!! I hope things get easier for you!


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