Warby Parker in Portland

After brunch on Saturday, Justine and I decided to check out the Warby Parker bus! 
I love that the Warby Parker Class Trip made a stop in Portland. I love the whole bus set up. Just glasses and some cool people to chat with you about the glasses. 
I don't wear glasses {except for fake ones, I love the look of glasses} but if I did, I would love to get a pair of these Warby Parkers.  Maybe a pair of sunglasses is in my future..
The bus is on NW Park & Glisan Wed-Sun through June 9th so if you're looking for new glasses or just love finding cool things to do in Portland, check it out!

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  1. I love that we both posted about this today :] I love those sunglasses you snapped with the pencil and paper!


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