Bend Bash | part 2

Amanda, Me, Kate, Liz, Abby, Justine, Meaghan

 Oh my gosh, I love these photos! 
Dinner at 10 Below was delicious and hilarious and so fun. 
I didn't really tell everyone but I was a little nervous before going away for this weekend {full disclosure: shouldn't be a surprise but I am a total worrier/nervous nelly/internalizer}. I wasn't nervous for any real reason, just worried about logistics and wanting to make sure it was a great trip for everyone. Jeff says I worry because it's important to me, and he is absolutely right. But I also know that the anticipation is the worst for me and once the girls showed up, I was ready and excited, they were excited and it just continued from there. I'm so grateful to each and every one of these girls {and I wish Becca could have been there!} It was a perfect group of ladies who love and support me and Jeff and I'm so happy the weekend turned out how it did and I just loved everything about it.
I will treasure this weekend for a long time and can't wait to have these girls by my side the next 3 months and especially on September 7th. 

Thanks again to Justine for the photos!


  1. I am seriously in love with your hair! Everyone looks amazing, and such big smiles, and love that you have done great shots with your girls to frame!

  2. WOw, that first picture is stunning!

    Dani // Andbubblegum.com

  3. The singles of you are BUH-NANAS.

  4. You look ABSOLUTELY amazing. Beautiful photos.

  5. So cute! And you look like one hot mama!!!

  6. Hottie Patotties! All of you! ESPECIALLY you, miss glowing bride-to-be! xoxo


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