grapefruit and wedding planning

such a great treat, love grapefruit with everything

We are officially close to our wedding! Under two months away. 
I am so excited and so ready. 
All of the details and plans aren't quite ready but Jeff and I are ready.

Some things still on the to-do list//

plan the ceremony
find shoes
find jeff a tie
get my dress altered
have run throughs
print signs
book night of hotel
rehearsal dinner invites
and so many other little random things



  1. Finding shoes was hard for me!! So exciting it's getting close to your wedding. I remember having that kind of list... not too long, hopefully! Good luck and I'm sure it will all be wonderful!

  2. Countdown!! Just remember that no matter what, the food will be edible, people will have fun and you will look g o r g e o u s ! :)


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