Lavender everything

On Saturday I went to the Lavender Lake Farms and it was amazing! I've been craving lavender lemonade and anything else lavender flavored so I found myself a lavender farm {ok, my dad found it}. It happened to be the lavender festival all weekend at all the lavender farms in Oregon. This farm is open all year round so it wasn't absolutely necessary to go during the lavender festival but I am so glad we did! I went with my mom and my out of town cousin and it was so perfect. I had lavender honey, lavender scones, lavender dipping sauce for veggies, their famous lavender lemonade. 
SO much lavender! 


  1. I loooove all the lavender we have around here. I want to try cooking with it and using it more!

  2. Amazing! I'll have to remember this next year!

  3. lavender is the best! pretty pics. :)


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