Wedding Talk Wednesday: Honeymoon

Last nights sunset // amazing

Let's talk honeymoon!
For a while we thought we would go to an all inclusive resort in some tropical place. I really wanted to be out of touch, no internet, etc and Jeff really wanted to go on a cruise and if not a cruise, at least a swim up bar at said all inclusive tropical resort. Eventually we decided to go on a cruise with his family in 2014 and after looking at prices for all inclusive resorts and the airfare to get there we put the planning on hold. Then I was offered an awesome opportunity being a part of Portland Fashion Week! Which is super awesome and I couldn't say no, but it was happening the weekend after our wedding. I had also hoped to be gone for minimum 2 weeks. That wasn't really budget friendly or realistic for either of our work schedules but a girl can dream. We decided it didn't really matter where we went because we could just turn off our phones and focus on each other and relaxing as much as possible. We decided we didn't want to go somewhere we wanted to travel around like Europe or New York or Chicago or Yellowstone. I want to explore and have all day itineraries for those trips. For our honeymoon I want to sleep in and sit in one spot all day and only get up for meals and fruit drinks by the pool. SO I've been dying to go to Palm Springs and we decided to focus on Palm Springs knowing we can do as much or as little exploring and we can turn our phones/tablets off and soak up each other's awesomeness. 

There are so many amazing looking hotels in Palm Springs and I want to stay at all of them. One I've had my eye on for a while is The Viceroy. Months ago I signed up for their email newsletter hoping to get a good deal for my bachelorette party. Bend was a better and more affordable choice for that and once we chose Bend for my bachelorette party, I started to think about Palm Springs for our honeymoon. After seeing this ladies Palm Springs honeymoon and the same day receiving a bomb deal  through their email newsletter we knew it was fate and booked it! We will be enjoying a fancy room, breakfast and dinner at the hotel restaurant every day, and 30 minute spa treatments for each of us each day as well as lounging by the pool. No swim up bar for Jeff, someday though. 
Needless to say, I'm ready to go now. 

Also, I've been kind of obsessed with shopping for the honeymoon. 
So far I've bought 3 bikinis and a neon green maxi dress.
It's pretty fun shopping for this sort of vacation, bright colors and as little clothing as possible! 

As I mentioned above, we will indeed be turning off our phones and internet access for the duration. What? Yes. I think it will be weird at first {still taking my camera, don't worry} but I'm looking forward to unplugging and enjoying our first week as a married couple with no technology. 
Don't worry, I'll be instagramming up a storm once we get back :)

PS // one month from today we will be married! 

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