Wedding Talk Wednesday: The Name Change

Let's talk about the name change.
How many of you married ladies changed your last name to your husband's? Was it a difficult decision? Was it a no-brainer? It depends on the day whether I am planning to change my last name to Jeff's last name. I know this might seem weird to some people, it's just a name after all. But I really like my name!
Some things I've considered during the many discussions about changing my name. Keep in mind, Jeff supports me either way. Even though he will not change his last name to Rosen.. :)

// My mom kept her last name, which is pretty cool. She also gave me her last name as my middle name. I have a long name.
// Both those names {mom's maiden name and my last name from my dad} will die off unless my sister or I give our kids two or three last names. That's a lot of pressure! But again, it's just a name.
// Jeff and I are already a team and committed to each other, so why not share the same last name?
// Should I change my blog/social media handles? Or I could just keep those Sam Rosen and legally and professionally be Sam Lewis {Even though I just got 1,000 business cards at work that say Sam Rosen. I couldn't decide when the order was going in, so I'll be using those up before getting new ones.
// It's so much easier to change your name when you get married, so that's also a lot of pressure!
// Transitions are hard. This is one of them! Meaghan, who just got married and decided to change her name, and we talked about the name change almost every day at work, said it best : This is one of the biggest changes after the wedding, we're already living together, sharing everything, but this is an immediate visible change.
// We went to a wedding recently where the couple combined their names and they're both changing their last name, so cool! Ours don't really mix well together.
// Hyphenating is not an option, not into it.

I'm about 99% sure I will change my name, I just have to do it.

What did you do? Or what will you do when you get married?


  1. Your engagement photos still kill me, they're everything! You do have a beautiful name, Rosen is unique! I think it's a great idea to keep your social media, and blog, Sam Rosen just because people are familiar with it. But Samantha Lewis sounds just as beautiful :) Plus, it's probably pretty exciting to see that change and know you're married!

  2. I changed my last name when I got married and I love my new name. My husband and I did not live together before we got married so there were many exciting changes for us once we tied the knot. Although I love my maiden name, there is something amazing by taking your husband's name, it made me feel truly connected to him as his wife. It took a while to get used to my new name and now I am so happy that I made the switch! Good luck with your decision!

  3. My rules with my name was that if I was published with my maiden name I'd keep it, if not I'd change. I got married right out of college, so I hadn't made my name yet and I'm glad I changed. I have friends that did the combination... I love it. It is such a neat idea to create a NEW family name. I personally would be unable to have a different last name than my child. It would be hard for me.

    Lewis/ Rosen: Lewson, Losen, Lesen, Rewis, Rowis... yeah, I sorta get what you mean.

    Hard decision lady! Good luck! And, I'm totally with you on the hyphen.

  4. Yeah, crisis of my past 2 years... when we got our marriage certificate I wasn't sure what I wanted to do so I didn't change it, but then turns out you have to go to Family Court and pay $100-200 (depending on county) to change it after the fact! I only just decided to change to Suzannah [Maiden name] [Married name] and get rid of my middle name. =( I have a court date next week to make it official! What a mess!

    My mom kept her maiden name, too. It suits her but getting mail was always a little confusing. ;)

    I think Rosen and Lewis sound really good together though!


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