shoes are ready to party.

Wow, how did that happen? I think I just took the longest hiatus of my blogging career thus far. Apparently it was much needed.
My work had it's annual biggest fundraiser of the year {I also happen to be one of the three main coordinators for making that event happen} and it was amazing!
I took a short family vacation with my family and Jeff to Central Oregon, it was also amazing.
I'm about to celebrate a bachelorette party tomorrow for one of my closest friends/bridesmaid/co-worker/office mate! She gets married a week from today and I am seriously psyched!
It's the busiest time of the summer for Jeff, so every chance we get we take it seriously and just stare at each other. Or do some wedding planning and try to be as normal as possible even though summer is a crazy time for both of us.
When I say it's the busiest time of the summer for Jeff, I mean it's the 75th anniversary of our beloved camp. The camp we met at, worked at, he is the current camp director, and the very camp we are getting married at in September. It's crazy awesome busy up there.
I've ordered at least three swimsuits for our honeymoon. I'll be sure to share more about our plans soon.
My parents celebrated their 30th anniversary {the reason for the trip to Central Oregon}.
Our wedding is almost less than a month away!

I am tired. A good happy kind of tired.


  1. I'm so glad things are going so well right now. :-)

  2. So much planning in your life right now, can't wait till you can breathe and enjoy married life!


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