American Apparel crop top, Asos pleated skirt, Target glitter sandals, Gap clutch, 
Parallel necklace c/o Boutiika

I received this beautiful necklace from Parallel boutique in Portland through Boutiika's same day delivery service. It's a genius service that just launched in Portland and I was happy to test it out! There are plenty of local boutiques to choose from, be sure to choose a store that does same day delivery, pick our your item, let them know where you want it delivered whether it's home, work, or wherever, they will hand deliver it! Perfect for those days when you need something to take your work outfit from day to night but don't have time to go home for an outfit change. Like I said, genius!

These were the first and only outfit photos I took on our honeymoon, I even have a little bit of wedding hair leftover.. don't judge.

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