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apparently I really needed coffee this weekend. the top photo actually happened yesterday when my mom went to Portland and brought me back a lavender latte and lavender donut from coco donuts. YUM!
A few days ago I got an email saying if I bought a breakfast sandwich before today from Starbs I would get 5 bonus stars... so Jeff and I had a breakfast sandwich date this weekend and I actually got 10 stars! It was wild. Aside from the bonus bonus stars, it was a nice breakfast date, it reminded me of when we would stop at Starbucks for breakfast on Sunday mornings on our way to camp two summers ago {always a breakfast sandwich for each of us, a chai for me, and a frap for Jeff}.

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  1. lavender latte? uh, YUM. i had a brown sugar, cinnamon, and orange latte this weekend in nashville. i love interesting flavors!


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