getting ready

How gorgeous are my best friends?

We stayed the night at the Edward Adams House Bed and Breakfastin Silverton and it was so enjoyable and SO beautiful! The owner had a yogurt, homemade granola, fruit, and orange juice breakfast for us. I'm obsessed with that bathroom, once I saw it I knew that is where we had to get ready. One of my favorite moments was finally getting to the b&b late on Friday night and my sister and Abby grabbed two grocery bags and dumped out all these snacks on the bed, too good! They also had a full cooler with champagne, juice, Evolution juices, sandwiches, no one would be hangry! Another favorite moment was in the morning before I started hair and makeup, Liz gave me a letter from Jeff. I had a few moments to myself to read it, which was wonderful. When I was getting my makeup done, my decoration set up ladies stopped by with my favorite coffee which was another great treat! And of course, all of my bridesmaids are amazing women, each one helped me have such 
a perfect day. 

Beth Level is the absolute best for makeup. I am so glad I was able to have her do my wedding day makeup. She is so sweet and I could really feel her attention to detail, she helped me feel so beautiful!

My hairstylist, Viola, from Bella Vita did my hair {not pictured} and she is also amazing. 
She also did Kate and Liz's hair. Bonus, she's really sweet and funny too!

A big thank you to Justine for these photos, such a gift!

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