Liberty Love shirt, J Brand jeans, Zara heels, Urban Outfitters sunnies, H&M belt

1 // I picked up this shirt when I was at Nordstrom Rack earlier this week, I love anything that is long in the back, or on the sides, I love the comfort factor. 

2 // I've been wearing these Zara heels with every outfit lately, they're just classic. 

3 // I haven't worn these jeans in years, but I pulled them out of a box and they fit again! They were my fave pair for a long time so I am so excited to have them back in rotation. I love the zippers on the bottom, so fun and versatile. 

4 // Anyone have fun plans this weekend? For once we have NOTHING planned this weekend, is that possible? Happy Friday!


  1. Love it! That's a super cute shirt. Good find. You are so brave with your middle-of-the-street shots! Great photos, though!


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