lazy fashion

Leith t-shirt from Nordstrom Savvy, old Target jacket, Nordstrom BP scarf, J.Crew toothpick white jeans, Franco Sarto flats from Nordstrom Rack

Remember when I used to wear bright colors and tights and dresses and skirts and 3 necklaces and 20 bracelets and tons of layers and all that crazy stuff? I feel like all I wear now are outfits like the last few on my blog, way more casual and way comfortable. I still wear dresses and skirts to work since they can be more professional than blue jeans but it feels like so much work! I am getting lazy these days. I still love dressing up for parties and events but every day is a lot more black/white/grey/jeans. 
I'm know the holidays will bring lots of fun reasons to dress up!  

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  1. oh i love these shades! grey, white, and black are my favorite palette to work with! hello from another oregon blogger!
    ladies in navy


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