faux warm

Target tunic sweater, Nordstrom BP scarf, Zella leggings, Steve Madden boots, 
Target hat and socks, Urban Outfitters sunglasses

If you live in Salem, you know it snowed on Friday morning! It's so beautiful! I used to hate snow because I always felt stuck {parent's house is on a few big hills}. Now that Jeff and I live in a place where we can walk to the grocery store, three coffee shops, numerous restaurants, etc, I feel a lot better about the beautiful snow. It's been really fun to walk most places this weekend. Once we were able to drive again we bought some decorations and decorated our first tree! And I made a wreath earlier this week at a work function, and on Friday night I watched The Holiday while drinking pear cinnamon cider {from Trader Joe's}, so I pretty much went all out on the Christmas/winter activities this weekend.

I'm going to be honest, my hands and toes were freezing after standing outside for about 10 minutes to take these photos! After we took them, I went back inside, put on my puffy coat and switched into my snow boots. So I won't even pretend I could actually wear this outfit without a few more layers. 
Stay warm everyone!


  1. I live just south in Corvallis and we got SO MUCH SNOW! 8 Inches. Loving the winter white pairings. Great look :)



  2. so cute! wish we'd gotten some more up here in portland - but suppose that's rare!
    ladies in navy


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