wrap it up

I love wrapping presents! Jeff is so sweet and always offers to help but I always decline because I love it so much! This year I got my inspiration while browsing on pinterest. I snipped a few branches from our tree to get started. Kraft paper is easily found at The Dollar Store and I had the bakers twine from years past. As for the name tags, I bought name tags last year but couldn't find them {I spent about 30 seconds looking before giving up. Lazy much?} so I just cut some out of leftover cardstock. I'm going to be honest, this is about as DIY as I ever get. Enjoy!


  1. Adorable! I feel like I really need to get in the spirit and wrap my gifts appropriatly. Haven't gotten to it yet. :/



  2. Super cute! I never got around to buying brown kraft paper so I've been reusing the brown paper they pack in our Amazon orders, ha!!

    These are gorgeous!


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