fresh ranunculus

I picked these up for brunch on Sunday. I wish Salem had more fresh flower options at the grocery store. Anyone have any fresh flower secrets in Salem? I don't even know where a flower market is in this town. Is there such a thing? I need more fresh flowers in my life! I became obsessed with peach garden roses during our wedding {since peonies were out of season}. I'll try and be patient and wait until Valentine's Day or spring when the Saturday market opens to find more fresh flowers.

ps. I should say that I found these at Whole Foods in Portland on Saturday. 
I'd also love it if Salem got a Whole Foods someday soon. And a gelato shop. And Barre3. And Gap. A girl can dream right?


  1. I love ranunculus! We grow them in our front yard every spring/summer! :)

  2. I though there was a Trader Joe's now open in Salem. They usually have fresh flowers that are both pretty and reasonably priced.

    There used to be a Gap store as well, but that was the 90s


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