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J.Crew hat and heels {similar}, H&M stripe shirt and belt, Gap sexy boyfriend jeans

1. I love the baseball cap trend but wasn't sure if it was one I would try out. Lucky for me, BFF Abby gave me this one for Christmas! I love hers and she must have known I needed a little push to get my own :) 
2. I've been coveting this bracelet from J.Crew for years and I almost bought it for the wedding but decided against it. I have seen a few similar bracelets other places but still not in my budget until I found this one at Target last week! It's definitely not as high quality as the original but that's to be expected. Maybe someday I'll spring for the real deal.
3. Ever since Lavenda wore these sexy boyfriend jeans, I had to get my hands on them. She has the light wash which are so cute! Since I already have a light wash pair of boyfriends, I opted for the darker ones and I am in love! Gap is always having a sale and these were no exception. I've been wearing them every day since! 
4. I had such a great three day weekend and to top it off, Monday was gorgeous! 


  1. these jeans are awesome and looove that cap! it suits you
    Ladies in Navy

  2. just jumped on the baseball hat bandwagon myself. ain't looking back.

  3. Love this look on you! Your bangs and those shoes KILL it :)


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