hotel adrift

A combination of photos from my phone and my real camera.

For Jeff's birthday we booked a room at Adrift Hotel in Long Beach, WA. 

We used a LivingSocial and it was well worth it! We had never been to Long Beach, Washington before but the hotel looked so cool we knew it would be fun to try it out. After our honeymoon, we realized how awesome it is to pick a great hotel with an equally amazing restaurant included. Our room was about 20 feet from the restaurant and we ate all our meals there, we even sat at the same table each time. Which was perfect so we could try multiple things! Everything we ate and drank was so delicious. The weekend of Jeff's birthday was also the Olympic opening ceremonies and thus the beginning of the Olympics and since we don't have cable at home, it was perfect to be in a hotel and be able to veg and watch a lot of TV! We actually came home and ordered cable right away so we could watch the rest of the Olympics. Had to. 

It was such a fun hotel, I can't wait to go back and hopefully we can make all our friends join us!


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