our wedding in ditt bryllup

Happy Friday!
Fun news to report today // 
Our wedding was featured in a Norwegian bridal magazine
I obviously can't read a word of it but it is so cool to see some of our photos in print!

I know family and maybe even some friends will be asking about getting a copy and I'm not sure how that will work but this is the age of the internet and google translate so I have faith. 
I'm sure there is a way to order a copy or find one in a specialty magazine shop, isn't there one of those in Portland? Sounds like something Portland would have. 

I do have one copy thanks to Erich and Amy McVey!


  1. congratulations! how lovely. :) erich mcvey is my favorite wedding photog - so incredibly jealous you were able to book him for your wedding!
    ladies in navy

  2. How awesome, so cool Sam!!! And I spy a very happy, laughing Abby :)

  3. That's awesome!!! Now get to Google translating the entire article! ;)


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