rose gold

Jules Smith necklace c/o Favery, Fossil watch gift from Jeff {similar, similar}, earrings a gift from mom {similar}, Nordstrom BP headband, Great Gatsby book

I thought rose gold might be a fleeting trend but I've had that watch for a few years and I still wear it every day. I even chose to have a rose gold wedding band {not pictured}, I love mixing metals with rose gold. My mom gave me those earrings and they are one of those gifts I probably wouldn't buy for myself but she had a feeling I would love them because they're rose gold. Everything I touch turns to rose gold? 
Don't get me wrong, I still love everything yellow gold but rose gold is just a little bit softer.   


  1. I love the rose gold, too! A few of my friends have rose gold engagement rings and matching rose gold wedding bands, they're just so pretty!

  2. ah, rose gold is a favorite of mine. gorgeous photo
    ladies in navy


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