e&j bridal shower

You might have noticed in the last post there was a white sheet hung up behind me. That's because it was covering up the beautiful ombre background so Justine wouldn't see it before her bridal shower! Yup, had to save it for a big reveal. 

I was so happy to offer up my apartment to host a bridal shower for Justine, I just love this sort of stuff! Especially when it's for other people. Justine did so much to help me with my wedding and showers and bachelorette party that I was so happy to do this for her. 

It really was a team effort, mostly organized by her sister, Rachel. 
Rachel and Justine made the adorable heart hand pies, the bridesmaids brought almost all the food and drinks. Which included mimosas and iced coffee with coconut milk ice cubes. Delicious.

Rachel and Sara created the ombre background and helped me move all the furniture around to be a more open setting for the party. I had so much fun getting ready for the shower, thanks ladies!
And how about those peonies? We got so lucky, they were from the Salem Saturday Market. 

And how stunning is the bride-to-be? SO gorgeous. 

Justine's future sister-in-law happens to be a very talented photographer and took these amazing photos! Kelsee of Ivy and Gold Photography, check her out. I love that she used film, so beautiful!


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