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Lou & Grey via Loft pants, Forever 21 jacket, Old Navy tank and shoes, Madewell Kensington Satchel

I fell in love with these pants and they're on sale so I obviously just bought the black pair too. I hadn't been to Loft in a long time. But when I went recently, I fell in love with their Lou & Grey line. Their tag line is clothing for a comfortably confident life. I love it! It's so comfy and cozy without being totally sloppy and frumpy. This is not a sponsored post, I just fell in love with it and wanted to share. I've really been on a hunt for professional pants that look chic but feel like sweatpants. Check!

Thanks to Leah Hope Photography for these photos. 


  1. adore this blush outfit on you! great look and again great photos by leah!
    ladies in navy


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