the first year

Happy one year anniversary to my sweet husband!

Technically tomorrow (Sunday, Sept. 7th) is our anniversary but we are celebrating all weekend.

I could watch our wedding video over and over all day. Actually that's basically what we did when Grant sent it to us when we were still on our honeymoon. While I'm sure most people have seen our wedding photos on other sites, I haven't shared many here. In honor of our first year of marriage, I'll be sharing some of my favorite photos from our wedding day.

On a more serious note about our first year of marriage.
It's been a crazy first year of marriage for us and I'm so glad I had Jeff by my side. We had a lot of transitions to work through in the first six months, none of them directly related to our marriage, but isn't everything related to our marriage now? The first six months were hard. They say the first year is hard but I don't think they meant this. Unexpected career changes, family changes, friends going through hard experiences. I am so glad we had each other. In the last six months things have been on an upswing and I feel like we are finally living the life we are supposed to be living! Recently we both went through transitions to better jobs and even though I don't like transitions, it was one of those positive changes. While it is crazy to think of how many things have changed in just the last year, I am so happy to be celebrating our first year of marriage. I said in my vows that Jeff taught me about unconditional love and that was never more evident than in our first year of marriage.
Here's to many many more years! 

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  1. congratulations on the first year and thanks for sharing! i have seen such lovely photos of your wedding on other sites and it was remarkably lovely. :)
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