Wedding Talk: Decor

If you're interested in learning more about the wedding decor process, read on.

Decor for the wedding.
Decor was a little overwhelming for me, which is funny since I love this sort of stuff. 
For budget reasons I decided to go without bouquets for each table. I loved the idea of filling tables with items rather than flowers. But at the last minute I asked Rebecca {Belle Fleur} to add two dozen garden roses to our order so I could add them to the tables in singles and I love how that turned out. It added just enough fresh flowers while staying in our budget. I say the decor was difficult because it was hard to imagine how much I would need to fill the tables. Since I decided against having the same arrangement on each table, I had to fill the tables with lots of different items. 

For linens I chose white and then added white tulle as a runner to add depth. 
I wanted sequin linens for all the tables but it was out of our budget so I decided to get them just for the head table. Same idea for the chiavari chairs, we had them just at the head table. 

We decided to fill the tables with self serve wine and self serve cake. That made it easy for guests to dig in without waiting. It also cut down on our alcohol budget {no corkage or pouring fees, just check with your venue first}. We chose mini cakes for each table {sadly no pics}, knowing some people wouldn't partake and some would dig in. We made sure to make it clear in the thank you  notes that guests should cut into the cake at any time! We also added a wine bottle opener {ikea} and a cake knife {plastic from the dollar store} to each table for easy access. I think it was a hit! 

As for the other decor items, embarrassingly, I had a lot of these items already. 
My mom found a large amount of small vases at Goodwill and I took a few trips to Goodwill, Value Village, garage sales and thrift stores to pick up little items like vases, frames, candle holders.

As for the lights and floor plan for the reception area. We had a huge field to work with. My dad drew up a plan on graph paper according to table size and dance floor size which gave us the area for where to put the lights. So smart, right? Then we went out to the field to measure and stake some flags a few days before the wedding. My dad, brother and some of my dad's friends helped put up the poles and lights, which was not a small job! The lights were perfect and made a large space feel intimate. 
Thank you to my dad for taking over that project and thank you to the light set up team! 
You made my vision come to life!

Thank you to three of my amazing friends, Jaime, Justine and Amanda for setting up all the decor! 
The tables, chairs, linens, plates, stemware, etc were set up by the catering company {Wild Pear} but that left a big job for my friends and I am eternally grateful to them for bringing my vision to reality! 
It was so amazing to walk out and see everything set up, it was a perfect moment. 
Thank you, thank you, I am forever in your debt! 
ps. they even brought me a coffee that morning!

If I missed something or you have a question about anything you see, feel free to ask.

Sequin Tablecloth: La Tavola Linens
Rentals {chairs, tables, linens, plates, flatware, stemware}: A to Z Rentals
Personalized cocktail napkins and drink coasters: For Your Party
Small tables, bar cart, vases, cake stands, wine buckets, frames: Vintage or thrifted
Birch candle holders: Borrowed from friend, handmade
Straws: Amazon
Mini Cakes: Roth's 
Cursive L bags: Bags purchased from Amazon, rubber stamp purchased from Michael's
Thank you notes: DIY printed with help from my talented sister and husband. 
My sister did the design and we printed and cut the thank you notes at home
Drink flags: DIY, with help from bridesmaids and other wedding party, used glitter tape on wooden skewers. Very easy!


  1. your wedding was absolutely exquisite. i am struggling with decor myself (specifically the guest-book table and then what to put around my arrangements) so this is crazy helpful! :D seriously. taking notes.
    ladies in navy

  2. How did you power the lights? Did you use a generator, and if so, what size? I'm trying to create a similar light set up and I'm stressing...

    1. Hi! I used a generator. I believe it was a small Honda 500 watts. it should run for awhile!


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