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Madewell jeans, sweater and bag, Target necklace {similar}, Old Navy camo jacket {similar}, Zara Heels {similar}

You might have seen this photo on my instagram and on Glitter Guide's instagram
Last weekend I went to Justine's for coffee. We got to talking about home decor and style, it's always fun to talk and dream about all the things we'd do to our apartments if we had an unlimited budget! But when we talked about style, it made me realize that my style has changed so much in the last few years. I'm sure some of you are thinking, duh, that's how trends and style works. 

I think this outfit is a perfect example of how simplified my style and outfits have become. I used to wear a lot more layers and accessories but now I'd much rather wear something simple. 

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  1. i have similarly simplified at lot of my style too! the more i get on, the less i feel like "me." :)
    ladies in navy


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