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Here is a real behind the scenes look into my camera roll on my phone. Kind of embarrassing right? I mostly take photos on my iphone and I always end up taking so many more photos than are necessary. I'm sure some of you have seen my husband's instagram. He started taking photos of me taking photos to keep himself busy (while I take a million photos) and to show me how ridiculous I look while taking photos. I think it's really funny. Sometimes I don't realize how crazy I look until I see his photos. It keeps me humble and it's a good reminder that this social media platform is just a slice of life. I hope you know that I only share the very best of what's happening in my life and often times most photos are staged, like this one. Sometimes I start to compare myself to other bloggers and instagrammers which can be discouraging or make me feel greedy for wanting more than I have. But like I said, this is only part of my life and I can only assume other's are only sharing part of their life as well. During this time of year {and all year} it's a good reminder to not take myself too seriously, try not to play the comparing game, and be grateful for my wonderful life. 
How do you feel about social media life vs. real life? 

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  1. i adore this look into your phone! and i definitely think about all of the above a lot - slice of styled life, not necessarily real life. always helpful to remember that's everyone's phone and they're styling their life too! :)


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