San Francisco: Hotel Zetta

giant plinko in the lobby

Mint Plaza, right across the street from Hotel Zettta

photos of Alcatraz inmates

floppy disk art above the desk

 The game room

deconstructed chandelier

Ever since staying at The Viceroy for our honeymoon, I've been a big fan of Viceroy hotels. I've had my eye on Hotel Zetta {owned by Viceroy} since it opened. When we decided to go to San Francisco for Thanksgiving, I zeroed in on Hotel Zetta again. I love Viceroy hotels because they usually have pretty great deals. We got a good deal and I loved our stay there. The room was huge and comfy, I loved the natural light. We had breakfast in bed. We got drinks at The Cavalier {in Hotel Zetta} and went upstairs to play some games in The Playroom. We played giant jenga, ping pong and shuffle board. Jeff won every single game. Hotel Zetta was right in the middle of downtown, we didn't spend a lot of time in downtown San Francisco but it was fun to stay there. I loved it. 


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