happy birthday oregon

Leith v-neck t-shirt from Nordstrom
Gap sexy boyfriend jeans {similar}
Forever 21 camel longline duster 
Madewell Kensington Satchel {similar}
J.Crew factory heels {similar}

I want to wish a belated Happy Birthday to our beautiful sweet Oregon!

I was inspired by the big 156 to stop by the capitol to snap some photos. 
There were at least three news crews there due to the latest Oregon drama. I'm sure I'm embarrassing myself {and Jeff} by being in the background of their broadcasts taking outfit photos. 
Oh well, that's life. 

On another note, I love that Oregon's birthday is on February 14th. Love. 


  1. i love that coat and this pretty neutral look!

  2. Love those shoes! I keep attempting to pull-off a winter white outfit but always take it off before heading out the door.


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