flares are back

Gap wide leg denim {similar flares here and here}
Target Los Angeles tee
Urban Outfitters dolman sweater {similar and similar}
Zara heels {similar}
Urban Outfitters hat
Gorjana Bali V Tube necklace via Rocksbox {use code samxoxo for your first month free}

Flares are back! 
I was talking to two of my best friends last night in a group text and I had to break it to them that flares are back. They didn't seem excited but I'm sure they'll come around to it. It won't be like the mid 2000's where we only wore flares, they're just in addition to our faithful skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans, not replacing anything. 

I've got my eye on a pair from Madewell. I'm really loving the 70's right now. 

Also, what is that sun spot in some of my photos? 
Jeff thinks it looks like a bird. I can't unsee it.

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  1. i finally got on board with skinnies after a lifetime of flared denim and just don't think i'm ready to go back! they remind me a frightening time in high school!
    ladies in navy


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